Albert Pujols
Name: Albert Pujols
Occupation: Baseball Player
Current Team: Los Angeles Angels
Gender: Male
Birth Day: January 16, 1980
Age: 40
Birth Place: Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

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Albert Pujols Net Worth

Net Worth 2020

$170 Million

Salary 2020

$28 Million

With the net worth of $170 Million, Albert Pujols is the # 1927 richest person on earth all the time follow our database.

Albert Pujols Salary Detail

Albert Pujols Salary
Albert Pujols' peak salary with the Cardinals was $14.5 million. Today his base salary with the Angels is $28 million. He also earns an additional $7 million a year from endorsements. His last contract paid him $100 million over seven years. On December 8th, 2011 Albert Pujols signed a contract with the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim which will pay him $254 million over 10 years. The contract is the second biggest in baseball history behind Alex Rodriguez's 10-year $275 million deal with the New York Yankees. Pujols' contract is only the third in baseball history to crack the $200 million mark. Click here to check some of the highest paid baseball players in the game. Between June 2017 and June 2018, Albert Pujols earned $30 million between salary and endorsements, the vast majority of which came from salary.

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# Name Age Net Worth Salary Nationality
#1 Albert Pujols 40 $170 Million $28 Million Dominican Republic
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#3 Andrelton Simmons 31 N/A N/A Netherlands
#4 Mike Trout 29 $60 Million $35 Million United States
#5 Shohei Ohtani 26 N/A 650,000 USD (2019) Japan
#6 Shohei Otani 26 N/A N/A Japan
#7 Justin Upton 33 $40 Million $22 Million United States
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#11 Dylan Bundy 28 N/A N/A United States