Andrzej Piaseczny
Name: Andrzej Piaseczny
Occupation: Pop Singer
Gender: Male
Birth Day: January 6, 1971
Age: 49
Country: Poland
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

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Andrzej Piaseczny

Andrzej Piaseczny was born on January 6, 1971 in Poland (49 years old). Andrzej Piaseczny is a Pop Singer, zodiac sign: Capricorn. Nationality: Poland. Approx. Net Worth: Undisclosed.

Brief Info

Polish singer, actor, and songwriter who is known under the moniker of Piasek. Andrzej Piaseczny is best recognized for having performed on the television series Zlotopolscy where he portrayed Gorniak. Andrzej Piaseczny is also recognized for his popular songs "You Are Near Me", "I Know My Way", and "Noce Cale". 


Andrzej Piaseczny is also known for having represented Poland at the 2001 Eurovision Song Contest where he performed the single "2 Long". 

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Before Fame

Andrzej Piaseczny studied Music Education at WSP before starting his career as a singer with the Mafia band in 1992. Andrzej Piaseczny's debut album with the group came the following year in November. Andrzej Piaseczny started gaining attention in 1996 when he won the Best Singer award at the Mikrofony Popcornu awards. 


Biography Timeline


Andrzej Piaseczny was born on 6 January 1971 in Pionki near Radom. He became interested in music in his childhood, performing in the Cavatin school band. After graduating from high school, he enrolled at WSP in Kielce. He studied music education. He has an older brother, a judge and harpist ZHR Krzysztof Piaseczny, and a younger sister Basia.


In 1992, Piaseczny joined the Mafia band.In the same year he took part in the contest of young talents in Wroclaw and in the concert "Debiuty" at the Festival in Opole.Mafia's debut album of the same title was released on 3 November 1993 by the Kraków-based record company TOP Music. On the album included. interpretation of the song "Wishing Well" from the band's repertoire Free. In February 1995, Mafia's second studio album, Gabinety, was released The recordings were promoted by ballad titled " "Noce całe", but a large part of the album was rock songs. The same year saw the debut solo album of saxophonist Robert Chojnacki entitled Sax & Sex, which was recorded with Piaseczny.Composers enjoyed great popularity in Poland "Budzikom śmierć", "Prawie do nieba" i "Niecierpliwi". A year later, the album was certified double platinum Also in 1996 saw the release of Sax & Dance, which featured remixed songs from Sax & Sex. That same year, the latest Mafia album recorded with Piaseczny entitled FM One year later, Piaseczny together with the group recorded the single "Wolność jest w nas" promoting the film entitled "Sara" in the film Sara Slesicki.Soon after, he ended his cooperation with the formation.


In early 1998, the singer's debut solo album Piasek was released The publication was promoted among others. The singles "Mocniej" and "Jeszcze bliżej", which were recorded on the charts of the Polish Radio.On the album was also the song "Pogodniej (Złoty środek)" used as the main theme of the music series Złotopolscy.The same year saw the release of "Wciąż bardziej obcy" recorded by Piaseczny with the guest participation of Jan Borysewicz from Lady Pank, as well as two songs performed in collaboration with Natalia Kukulska – "Jesteś blisko mnie" and "Znam drogę swą".Both numbers are on the soundtrack of the animated film Magic Sword – Legend of Camelot.In 1999 the singer took part in Karlshamn's Baltic Songs Festival.During the concert he sang the composition "Jeszcze biżej", thanks to which he won the second prize and the Audience Award.


16 February 2000 released his second solo album entitled Popers.Ewa Bem, jazz musician Wojciech Karolak, bassist Vail Johns and saxophonist Eric Marienthal participated in the recording. As part of the promotion at the Polish Theater in Warsaw, Piaseczny played a concert called Piasek and Friends, where guest stars included Jan Borysewicz, Reni Jusis and Anna Przybylska. In May 2001, the singer was chosen internally by Polish Television to represent Poland during the 46th Eurovision Song Contest organized in Copenhagen. He sang the song 2 long. He finished 20th from a field of 23 participating countries. The song received 2 points from Sweden, 3 points from Slovenia, 5 points from Germany and 1 point from Denmark. After the final concert he was awarded the Prize for them. Barbara Dex awarded in the internet poll of the worst dressed participant of the competition.


In 2002 Andrzej Piaseczny in cooperation with, among others. Zbigniew Wodecki, Maryla Rodowicz and Patrycja Markowska recorded the song "Oj Kot" promoting the costume movie Revenge, directed by Andrzej Wajda.


On 10 November 2003, his next studio album, Andrzej Piaseczny, was released which was promoted by singles "Szczęście jest blisko", "Teraz płacz" oraz "Jedna na milion".The album reached the 13th position of OLiS.One year later, Piaseczny participated in an Olympic fire relay at the Athens Summer Olympics. In September of the same year Krzysztof Krawczyk's single "Przytul me życie" was released in a duet with Piaseczny.


In 2005, Piaseczny took part in the recordings of the album entitled Words containing songs composed for the poems of John Paul II.On 3 September of that year Piaseczny performed at the Festival in Sopot, where he sang the song Z głębi duszy", thanks to which he won the main award of Bursztynowy Słowik.On 19 September, his next solo album titled Jednym tchem was released, which at the end of 2006 was platinum status in the country.


In the same year, Robert Chojnacki's next solo album, Saxophonic, was released, featuring Piaseczny. In December of the same year, the singer appeared in the program "Arie z uśmiechem " broadcast on TVP2, where he sang two opera arias: "Dziewczyno Ty moja" and "Usta milczą, dusza śpiewa" together with Katarzyna Cerekwicka. In 2007 he performed at the TOPtrenda Festival in Sopot, and also participated in Seweryn Krajewski's recital entitled "Niebo z moich stron" ("Heaven from My Parties") which took place at the National Festival of Polish Songs in Opole.


On 7 April 2008, on the occasion of the fifteen years of Piaseczny's artistic activity, a 15 dni album was released.which featured his most popular songs and two premiere compositions: „Komu potrzebny żal” and the title „15 dni”At the end of March 2009, his next solo album entitled "Spis rzeczy ulubionych" The album, which was composed by Seweryn Krajewski, was promoted with the song "Chodź, przytul, przebacz", which was honored among others in the music program "Hit Generator."On 30 November the same year saw the release of Piaseczny and Krajewski's concert album titled Na przekór nowym czasom – live.


In January 2010, the singer received Telekamera in the Music category, while a month later, the list of favorite items was awarded by the listeners of Radio Wawa with a statuette of "Golden Beak."15 April 2011 saw the premiere of Piaseczny and Stanislaw Sojka's album, W blasku światła , which featured the music of Sojki and Seweryn Krajewski, illustrating the poems of Karol Wojtyla.


23 January 2012 released his seventh solo album titled To co dobre that promoted the singles „To co dobre, to co lepsze” i „Z dwojga ciał”.The album reached the first place of the OLiS list. In the same year the artist took part in the third edition of the Battle of the Voices, which he finally won with his team from Kielce, and also recorded with Severny Krajewski a song entitled Zimowe piosenki, which on the day of its release received platinum status.


In 2014, he performed as a guest in the finals of the 14th Dancing with the Stars. Dancing with the stars and during the XVI edition of Marcin Dancer's Dream program.


On 5 March 2016 he performed as a special guest of national eliminations to the 61st Eurovision Song Contest. During the concert he sang songs „Kalejdoskop szczęścia” and „W świetle dnia”,and the hit "Ostatni" from the repertoire of Edyta Bartosiewicz.

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Currently, Andrzej Piaseczny is 50 years, 6 months and 23 days old. Andrzej Piaseczny will celebrate 51st birthday on a Thursday 6th of January 2022.

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