David Lipper
Name: David Lipper
Occupation: Actor
Gender: Male
Birth Day: 1976
Age: 44
Country: Not Known

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David Lipper

David Lipper was born in Not Known (44 years old). David Lipper is an Actor, . Nationality: Not Known. Approx. Net Worth: Undisclosed.

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Biography Timeline


Tipper was "discovered" as a teenager DJing in a London nightclub by soon-to-be manager Richie Warren. Their earliest conversations centred on bass frequencies and rhythms underlying beats, and they began researching the science involved in creating the most effective dance music. Richie founded Fuel Records (UK), and Tipper released the first of several vinyl EP's in 1997. Renault licensed one of these, Twister, for a European ad campaign. Soon thereafter, Sony UK signed Tipper to their fledgling dance music label, Higher Ground.


In the late 1990s Tipper completed numerous remix projects of his Higher Ground label mates, and released several singles, each highlighting his penchant for electronic dance music with extreme bass frequencies and intricate polyrhythms; this sound helped usher in a popular new music genre referred to as Nuskool Breakbeat, and Tipper is recognised as one of the pioneering producers of this movement. In 1999 Tipper released his first album, The Critical Path. It was not, however, the breakbeat dance record that the label hoped for. Tipper's vision was decidedly more artistic than anticipated, confusing the label as to how to promote it, and disappointing sales led to an amicable parting of ways with Sony.


With this activity as a backdrop, Tipper released his second album Holding Pattern in early 2001. Many of the individual tracks from this album found their way into DJ boxes internationally, and accordingly Tipper began touring extensively through Europe, the United States and Australia. Reflecting his travels was the DJ Mix album Sound Off which he completed for Fuel later the same year. Tipper focused on the music, and Richie promoted a lifestyle – taking the cars wherever possible to create a happening around both.


Under the guise of “Correctional Facilities” he created his first Surround Sound album called “Cell: Five”.Then later while touring across the United States in 2003 with the Fuel cars, Tipper began composing tracks for what would become his first “Tipper” album intended entirely as a surround sound listening experience. Surrounded was released in 2004 by fledgling 5.1 venture MyUtopia Recordings. Eventually nominated as Best Album Intended for Surround Sound this downtempo album also marked a turn in Tipper's musical output away from the NuSkool genre which he was more widely associated with. It was during this period that digital music sales and/or reproduction usurped the music industry, and ultimately Fuel Records (UK) met its demise. As Tipper toured and performed his album in 5.1 wherever possible, Richie re-focused his talents towards advanced automobile parts, and Tipper set off on a non-stop touring schedule for two years, with London only a temporary base between tours. Constantly seen living out of his suitcase, and keeping his "studio" in his backpack, earned him the temporary moniker The Global Nomad.


Late 2004 saw his Surrounded album re-released as a DualDisc title, and this in turn led to the creation of a MP3 Surround Sound Player, by mp3 rights holders Fraunhofer Society. Regarded as one of the foremost composers in the multichannel realm, Tipper continues to provide content for a number of companies who use his highly detailed productions to demonstrate their own advanced technologies.


2005 witnessed the establishment of his own imprint Tippermusic, and he embraced the digital music revolution for the freedom it gave musicians to finally determine their own path. No longer constrained by label requirements, Tipper set about releasing his music independently, mostly via online stores. Some investment was made in CDs and vinyl, but ultimately online sales figures showed their declining relevance for his style of output.


His second full downtempo release The Seamless Unspeakable Something debuted in 2006, with Tipper in full guise as an electronica trip hop artist. Tracks from this album also found favour as background music for TV shows. In 2007, he digitally remastered his old vinyl catalogue and quietly released The Fuel Years and Higher Ground. In early 2008, he decided to make available more of his unreleased "performance catalogue" and thus Tertiary Noise was ushered in.


His 9th studio album, Wobble Factor would be unveiled later in 2008, and solidified Tipper's influence on the burgeoning glitch hop musical movement, especially in the United States.


After Broken Soul Jamboree, Tipper released a series of EPs. These included Snake Eyes, the Bubble Control/Puzzle Dust/Shatter Box trilogy, and an EP of three remixes from that trilogy, "Dusty Bubble Box", which was released to raise money for his medical expenses. In 2013, Tipper announced he would only participate in two festival appearances for health reasons. On 6 June, he underwent a successful mitral valve repair surgery. Shortly after his recovery, the full-length album Forward Escape was released in 2014. It took on a darker, more electronically-driven tone than its predecessors, and marked the beginning of a new Tipper sound. He has since released an EP with a similar sound, Fathoms, and a more purely electronic EPs, It's Like..., and "Lattice". The most recent full-length album, "Jettison Mind Hatch", continues the pattern of downtempo, atmospheric soundscapes that almost enter the realm of ambient.


As of 2015, Tipper continues to play concerts a few times a year, and frequently appears at Burning Man.


In April 2016, Tipper headlined his first ever appearance at the Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park in Live Oak, Florida, USA, during Tipper & Friends - The Full Moon Gathering. He confirmed after the show that he would return in 2017.


In August 2017, Tipper curated his own Tipper & Friends music festival at the Astral Valley Art Park, 45 minutes south of St. Louis, Missouri. The event was called '4321' and was held to commemorate the 2017 Solar Eclipse. The venue itself is located in the path of direct totality, and attendees were provided custom Tipper-themed safety glasses to view the event.


In January 2018, Tipper curated yet another "Tipper & Friends" event, this installment being a "4 Nights in NOLA" event (also known as the "4567" event) located in New Orleans, Louisiana. This event took place from 4 to 7 January and featured two historic New Orleans venues: Tipitina's & the Orpheum Theater. In further homage to New Orleans culture and musical heritage, the event included legendary local acts such as DJ Cochon de Lait and The Madd Wikkid.


In January 2020, Tipperfam assembled for another "Tipper & Friends" event with a 3 night run back in NOLA (New Orleans, Louisiana). This event took place from 3 to 5 January, returning to the Orpheum Theater. In continuing to pay homage to New Orleans culture and musical heritage, the theatre was left with a great impression of the community involved, even going as far engaging with the crowd in the spirit of Tipper during the 3rd and final night, as this event was extremely private with very few in attendance. The unofficial after-parties deep within the streets of NOLA continued to further the Tipper-vibes until beyond sunrise. This 3-day event has been the 8th and most epic, and most recent installment of the "Tipper & Friends" events to date.

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