Haris Hodzic
Name: Haris Hodzic
Nick Name: Hodsic
Occupation: Apex Legends Esports Player
Team: Team Liquid
Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina
Youtube Channel: hodsic

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Haris Hodzic

Haris Hodzic, better known as Hodsic, was born in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Haris Hodzic is an Apex Legends Esports Player, . Nationality: Bosnia and Herzegovina. Approx. Net Worth: $2,393. Haris Hodzic plays for the team Team Liquid.

Net Worth 2020

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2019-04-19 - 2020-05-01
Gold Knights
2020-05-01 - Present
Team Liquid  (Coach)


Date Placement Tier Tournament Team Prize
2020-07-19 B919th Tier 3 Daltoosh Invitational Team Monsoon $0
2020-07-07 B414th Monthly Esports Arena: Europe Tournament #7 Team Liquid Mid $0
2020-06-17 A99th Monthly Esports Arena: Tournament #8 Team Liquid $0
2020-06-16 B212th Monthly Esports Arena: Europe Tournament #5 Team Liquid $0
2020-06-09 A33rd Monthly Esports Arena: Europe Tournament #4 Team Liquid $200
2020-03-26 A55th Showm. Code Red Charity Tournament Team Zach $3,300
2019-12-15 A77th Tier 2 GLL Apex Legends Series - NA Pittsburgh Storm $900
2019-08-29 B010th Tier 2 Twitch Rivals - Road to TwitchCon San Diego #1 North America Team xcudi $2,495
2019-03-29 A11st Weekly Rebels eSports: High Prize Winnings Tournament 3 Team Quick $250
2019-03-09 A33rd Tier 3 Strong Esports: 1k Tournament swelol $35

Haris Hodzic plays for the team Team Liquid

Net Worth Comparison

Team Team Liquid Net Worth / Salary
# Name Age Net Worth Salary Nationality
#1 Haris Hodzic (@Hodsic) N/A $2,393 N/A Bosnia and Herzegovina
#2 Gage Meyer (@Cali) N/A $14,881 N/A United States
#3 Brenden Marino (@Casper) 29 $10,547 N/A United States
#4 Thomas Cook (@Flanker) 24 $12,222 N/A United States
#5 Brandon Singer (@oh Nocturnal) 28 $4,392 N/A United States
#6 Lucas Håkansson (@Mendo) 24 $135,785 - $230,016 N/A Sweden

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