Jaden Bojsen
Name: Jaden Bojsen
Occupation: Music Stars
Gender: Male
Birth Day: August 1, 2000
Age: 20
Country: United States
Zodiac Sign: Leo

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Jaden Bojsen

Jaden Bojsen was born on August 1, 2000 in United States (20 years old). Jaden Bojsen is a Music Stars, zodiac sign: Leo. Nationality: United States. Approx. Net Worth: Undisclosed.

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🎂 Upcoming Birthday

Currently, Jaden Bojsen is 22 years, 1 months and 24 days old. Jaden Bojsen will celebrate 23rd birthday on a Tuesday 1st of August 2023.

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  1. Jaden Bojsen is planning to move to Los Angeles.
  2. Jaden Bojsen's sister Sienna is an Instagram star.
  3. In summer 2015 he went to Los Angeles on family vacation.
  4. Jaden is friends with a young German rapper Lukas Rieger.
  5. Jaden Bojsen likes traveling with his parents and sister.
  6. Jaden Bojsen was spotted by ‘ISINA Music’ as a promising talent.
  7. Jaden Bojsen's first solo single was released at 16, and millions of people have listened to it on YouTube.
  8. Does he have any recorded albums?
    In 2016 Jaden recorded an EP with other guys from ‘New District’, and the longer album should follow.
  9. Did he learn from any stars?
    Brian Friedman, a famous American dancer and choreographer, taught Jaden how to dance. After that he started feeling more confident on his concerts and in music videos.
  10. What is his personality like?
    Jaden is friendly, energetic, creative and hardworking. Jaden Bojsen posts a lot of content in social networks, makes live broadcasts, performs on concerts with ‘New District’ and keeps in touch with his fans.
  11. Has he ever played in theatre?
    Yes, Jaden Bojsen has, and in quite the young age. Jaden was nine when he performed in the German version of the musical ‘Tarzan’. Jaden Bojsen played the Jungle king in his childhood. It was long before his role on television.

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