Kirill Gimpel
Name: Kirill Gimpel
Nick Name: WannaBeByuN
Alternate IDs: Iverynoob, ByuNFaN
Occupation: StarCraft II Esports Player
Team: Cascade
Gender: Male
Birth Day: June 17, 2007
Age: 13
Country: Belarus
Zodiac Sign: Gemini

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Kirill Gimpel

Kirill Gimpel, better known as WannaBeByuN, was born on June 17, 2007 in Belarus (13 years old). Kirill Gimpel is a StarCraft II Esports Player, zodiac sign: Gemini. Nationality: Belarus. Approx. Net Worth: $84. Kirill Gimpel plays for the team Cascade.


  • WannaBeByuN debuted with the team ReG GaminG in 2018.
  • He started playing StarCraft II since it went free-to-play.

Net Worth 2020

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Height Weight Hair Colour Eye Colour Blood Type Tattoo(s)



2018-06-02 — 2018-10-11
ReG GaminG
2018-10-11 — 2020-07-04
2020-09-26 — Present


In Minor and Monthly tournaments
Date Place Event Team Result Winnings
2020-07-05 2nd Esports Spartakiad of Belarus PLATOON 2 : 3 SaLemandr $20.50
2020-05-29 2nd Alpha X Junior Championships Season 6 PLATOON 0 : 4 Arrogfire $30
2020-04-08 3rd Rotti Improvs #3 PLATOON 1-2 Grp S. $12.50

Kirill Gimpel plays for the team Cascade

Net Worth Comparison

Team Cascade Net Worth / Salary
# Name Age Net Worth Salary Nationality
#1 Kirill Gimpel (@WannaBeByuN) 13 $84 N/A Belarus
#2 Adrien Bouet (@DnS) 24 $58,888.89 N/A France
#3 Fabian Mayer (@GunGFuBanDa) 22 $36,139.20 N/A Germany
#4 Ilya Potapov (@MilkiCow) N/A $911.06 N/A Russia
#5 Nikita Gurevich (@SKillous) 19 $15,645.74 N/A Russia
#6 Alexey Sadovsky (@PsinSin) 30 N/A N/A Russia
#7 Anton Yashenko (@Friend) N/A $335.40 N/A Ukraine

🎂 Upcoming Birthday

Currently, Kirill Gimpel is 14 years, 1 months and 15 days old. Kirill Gimpel will celebrate 15th birthday on a Friday 17th of June 2022.

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