Lauren Cimorelli
Name: Lauren Cimorelli
Occupation: Music Stars
Gender: Female
Birth Day: August 12, 1998
Age: 22
Country: United States
Zodiac Sign: Leo

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Lauren Cimorelli

Lauren Cimorelli was born on August 12, 1998 in United States (22 years old). Lauren Cimorelli is a Music Stars, zodiac sign: Leo. Nationality: United States. Approx. Net Worth: Undisclosed.

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🎂 Upcoming Birthday

Currently, Lauren Cimorelli is 22 years, 11 months and 22 days old. Lauren Cimorelli will celebrate 23rd birthday on a Thursday 12th of August 2021.

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  1. Lauren Cimorelli can play the piano and the violin.
  2. Lauren Cimorelli's favourite musician is ‘One Direction’.
  3. Lauren Cimorelli would like to make a duet with Taylor Swift.
  4. Lauren Cimorelli believes in God and goes to church every week.
  5. Lauren Cimorelli has a personal YouTube channel with 1, 400 subscribers.
  6. Lauren Cimorelli doesn’t go to college but she says it would be good to.
  7. Lauren Cimorelli love the series ‘Sherlock’ and Benedict Cumberbatch specifically
  8. Lauren Cimorelli's favourite foods are spaghetti, tacos, Nutella, watermelons and chocolate ice cream.
  9. Why is her middle name Christine?
    It is because she was born on the same day as her older sister Christina – August 12. The girls say it is fun though a bit inconvenient when it comes for a party.
  10. What are her hobbies?
    Lauren Cimorelli likes sports, especially flag football, skateboarding and swimming. Lauren Cimorelli also draws and paints in her free time. When she really needs to relax she goes to lie on the beach.
  11. What is her personality like?
    Lauren’s mum and sisters say that she is the quietest and shyest person in the group and that she cries easily. Lauren herself admits that she has made a great personal development and became more confident in the recent years. Lauren Cimorelli can talk to her fans in person but she never add them on Facebook unless it is someone she really knows.

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