Lee Min-hyeong
Name: Lee Min-hyeong
Nick Name: Gumayusi
Alternate IDs: Finale GumaYusi Catan
Occupation: League of Legends Esports Player
Team: T1
Gender: Male
Country: South Korea

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Lee Min-hyeong

Lee Min-hyeong, better known as Gumayusi, was born in South Korea. Lee Min-hyeong is a League of Legends Esports Player, . Nationality: South Korea. Approx. Net Worth: $18,209. Lee Min-hyeong plays for the team T1.


  • Gumayusi debuted with the team KeG Seoul in 2018.
  • Signature Champion: Lucian.
  • He is the younger brother of professional StarCraft II player INnoVation, who also played for SK Telecom T1.

Net Worth 2020

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Family Members

# Name Relationship Net Worth Salary Age Occupation
#1 Lee Shin-hyung Lee Shin-hyung (@INnoVation) $758,668.28 N/A 27 StarCraft II Esports Player


Height Weight Hair Colour Eye Colour Blood Type Tattoo(s)



2018-??-?? – 2018-12-28
KeG Seoul
2018-12-28 – 2019-11-26
SK Telecom T1  (Trainee)
2019-11-26 - Present


Date Placement Tier Tournament Team Result Prize
2020-04-25 A11st Premier LCK Spring 2020 T1 00080 3 : 0 Gen.G Esports $81,045
2018-12-25 A99 - 12th Major KeSPA Cup 2018 KeG Seoul 00058 1 : 2 DAMWON Gaming $0
2018-11-11 A11st Minor 10th Esports World Championship South Korea 00080 3 : 0 Macau $10,000

Lee Min-hyeong plays for the team T1

Net Worth Comparison

Team T1 Net Worth / Salary
# Name Age Net Worth Salary Nationality
#1 Lee Min-hyeong (@Gumayusi) N/A $18,209 N/A South Korea
#2 Kim Chang-dong (@Canna) 20 $21,924 N/A South Korea
#3 Lim Hye-sung (@Comet) 29 $1,081 N/A South Korea
#4 Moon Woo-chan (@Cuzz) 21 $184,449 N/A South Korea
#5 Lee Sang-ho (@Effort) 20 $77,896 N/A South Korea
#6 Choi El-lim (@Ellim) N/A $18,209 N/A South Korea
#7 Choi Won-yeong (@Kuri) N/A $16,209 N/A South Korea
#8 Lee Ju-hyeon (@Clozer) 17 $2,521 N/A South Korea
#9 Lee Sang-hyeok (@Faker) 24 $1,479,975 - $2,057,879 N/A South Korea

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