Max Pezzali
Name: Max Pezzali
Occupation: Pop Singer
Gender: Male
Birth Day: November 14, 1967
Age: 55
Country: Italy
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

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Max Pezzali

Max Pezzali was born on November 14, 1967 in Italy (55 years old). Max Pezzali is a Pop Singer, zodiac sign: Scorpio. Nationality: Italy. Approx. Net Worth: Undisclosed.

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Italian singer and main songwriter in the pop rock band 883. The band was active from 1989 to 2003, releasing six studio albums.


Max Pezzali's debut solo album, "Il mondo insieme a te," was released in 2004.

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Before Fame

Max Pezzali was born in Pavia, Italy, where his parents owned a florist shop. Max Pezzali met Mando Repetto, his future bandmate, in high school.


Biography Timeline


Max Pezzali was born on 14 November 1967 in Pavia, Italy. His parents owned a florist shop near the family home.


Being big fans of motorbikes, especially Harley-Davidsons, Repetto and Pezzali decided to name the group '883' after the mark's Sportster. Pezzali and Repetto started their murisc career at the Castrocaro Music Festival in 1991, with the song "Non Me La Menare", which became a smash hit in Italy. Their first album, Hanno Ucciso L'Uomo Ragno ("They Killed Spider-Man"), hit number 1 on the Italian charts, in 1992. Their second album, Nord sud ovest est, produced the number 1 singles "Sei un mito" and "Come mai". In 1993, Pezzali and Rosario Fiorello won the 'Festival Italiano' with the song "Come Mai".


In 1994, Repetto left the band on good terms to pursue his dream of becoming a movie director in America. Pezzali recruited new members and continued the group. The departure of Repetto did not stop the group's productivity: they continued to perform, and in 1995 they released the album La Donna, Il Sogno E Il Grande Incubo which sold over 1.2 million copies. In 1997, 883 released La Dura Legge del Gol, followed by the collection Gli Anni in 1998, Grazie Mille in 1999, Mille Grazie in 2000 (released exclusively in Austria, Switzerland and Germany) and Uno in Più in 2001. 883 continued without Pezzali in 2002, when he announced his plans to begin a solo career and to take full credit for his songs. Over the course of their musical career (1992–2002), 883 released six studio albums, released over 25 music videos, and frequently toured throughout Italy.


In 2003, Pezzali began work on his first solo album, Il Mondo Insieme a Te, which was released in 2004. His style of writing differed very little from his music with 883. The main themes of his songs were still friendship, honesty, and relationships. In 2005, a greatest hits album was released, credited '883/Max Pezzali' and which included a DVD with all of the music videos made to date; it stayed at the top of the album chart for 10 weeks. His second solo album, Time Out, was released during in 2007. It proved to be a great success, with its most popular songs remaining at the top of the charts throughout the summer. Pezzali is beloved by his fans for his friendly approach, charismatic stage performance, and his commitment to his music. In 2008, he came out with the new album Max Live 2008, which contained the greatest hits of his live performances and also included two unpublished songs ("Mezzo Pieno o Mezzo Vuoto" and "Ritornerò"). In the summer of 2008, the 'Max Live Tour' began in June and took in more than 25 Italian cities. The first concert took place in Monza; Pezzali followed with more 24 concerts and ended with his last stage performance on 31 December at 'Castelsardo'. Following this tour, he decided to take a break, when he decided to place his musical life in the background to dedicate himself to his newborn son. During these three years of semi-time off, he found time to collaborate with other singers and even participated in some reality shows (for example, participating as a guest star on X-Factor Italia in 2009). In 2010, he decided to take a year long sabbatical to write his next album, which was released the following year.


Pezzali is currently living in Rome, where he used to live with Martina Marinucci, his ex-wife. Max and Martina were married on 2 April 2005. After 13 years together, they officially separated in 2014. They have a son, Hilo, born in 2008. A few months after his separation, he became engaged to Debora Pelamatti. Pezzali is a big fan of motorbikes, especially of Harley-Davidson models (his group was named after the 883cc Harley-Davidson Sportster), and since 2000, he has been a partner of an authorized Harley-Davidson dealership in Pavia. He is a great fan of comics and his favorites are the superhero comics published by Marvel and the Italian comic book series Rat-Man created by Leo Ortolani. In fact, he has a collection of over 1300 comics. He is also a great fan of Bruce Springsteen, who represented an important source of inspiration for his music career. Pezzali is also a supporter of Inter Milan and has even dedicated a song to his football team, entitled "Sei Fantastica".


In 2011, Pezzali released the new album Terraferma, while 2012 saw the release of a collection of his songs sung with the most famous rap of Italy, included on the album Hanno Ucciso L'Uomo Ragno 2012. In 2013, he released his album Max 20, which contains 14 old hits by 883 and from his solo years, in duet with various Italian music artists, along with five songs that were previously unpublished; in 2015, Astronave Max was released. 2017 saw the launch of his new single "Le Canzoni alla Radio", featuring Nile Rodgers. That same year, Pezzali released his album, also entitled Le Canzoni alla Radio and which contained old hits by 883 and Pezzali on his own, plus seven other previously unpublished songs. In 2018, Pezzali began his tour with Nek and Francesco Renga and released Max Nek Renga, Il Disco, which contains live performances of Pezzali, Nek and Renga.

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Currently, Max Pezzali is 55 years, 4 months and 16 days old. Max Pezzali will celebrate 56th birthday on a Tuesday 14th of November 2023.

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