Megan Ellison
Name: Megan Ellison
Occupation: Producer
Gender: Female
Birth Day: January 31, 1986
Age: 36
Birth Place:  Santa Clara County, California, United States
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

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Megan Ellison

Megan Ellison was born on January 31, 1986 in  Santa Clara County, California, United States (36 years old). Megan Ellison is a Producer, zodiac sign: Aquarius. Nationality: United States. Approx. Net Worth: $200 Million. With the net worth of $200 Million, Megan Ellison is the #1777 richest person on earth all the time in our database.

Net Worth 2020

$200 Million
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Family Members

# Name Relationship Net Worth Salary Age Occupation
#1 David Ellison David Ellison Brother $6 Million (Approx.) N/A 37 Producer
#2 Larry Ellison Larry Ellison Father $66 Billion $75 Million 76 Entrepreneur
#3 Louis Ellison Grandfather N/A N/A N/A
#4 Lillian Ellison Grandmother N/A N/A N/A
#5 Florence Spellman Grandmother N/A N/A N/A
#6 Barbara Boothe Mother N/A N/A N/A


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Biography Timeline


Ellison was born in Santa Clara County, California, the daughter of billionaire Oracle Corporation chairman, Larry Ellison, and his ex-wife, Barbara Boothe Ellison. Her father is of Jewish descent. She has a brother, film producer David Ellison. Ellison graduated from Sacred Heart Preparatory in 2004 and attended film school at the University of Southern California for one year.


Ellison landed her first film credit in 2005 as a boom operator for the short film When All Else Fails, a thriller written and directed by her brother David Ellison. Ellison then began to finance low-budget movies such as Waking Madison and Passion Play. The success of the Coen Brothers' True Grit in 2010, on which she worked as an executive producer, brought her attention and credibility and launched her career as a producer.


Ellison started out in the film business in 2006 when she contacted Katherine Brooks, the writer and director of Loving Annabelle, about investing in the filmmaker's next movie. The duo made plans for Waking Madison, starring Elisabeth Shue, which told the story of a woman who tries to cure her multiple personality disorder by locking herself in a room without food for 30 days. Ellison financed the film that was reported to have a budget of $2 million. Principal photography took place in 2007. It screened at the Newport Beach Film Festival in 2011 and went straight to DVD in July of that year.

Ellison is openly lesbian. Ellison’s company is called Annapurna, after the Annapurna Circuit she hiked in Nepal in 2006.


Ellison provided some financing for more movies in 2008 and 2009. The first was Main Street starring Colin Firth. It received little attention at film festivals and failed to gain general release. Passion Play, also made in 2009, got a release but fared poorly at the box office despite a well-known cast of popular actors. However, her investment in the Coen brothers western remake True Grit paid off as that movie found major commercial and critical success when released at the end of 2010.


In 2011 and 2012, it was reported that Ellison was working with Boal on developing a movie about WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange based on a New York Times Magazine article called "The Boy Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest" by former New York Times executive editor Bill Keller. Amid fierce competition in 2012 among movie studios to produce an Assange biopic, Ellison and Annapurna eventually did not produce the movie, but DreamWorks released The Fifth Estate in 2013.

In 2011, Ellison outbid Lionsgate for the rights to the Terminator franchise. In January 2014, Ellison removed Annapurna Productions from the reboot of the Terminator franchise.

Annapurna Pictures, the media company founded by Ellison, was created in 2011. Since then it has produced highly acclaimed films like Spike Jonze's Her, Kathryn Bigelow's Zero Dark Thirty, and David O. Russell's American Hustle. Ellison's approach to filmmaking is regarded as one that follows Silicon Valley principles: investing large sums of money into prestigious teams that are attempting something risky. Many times, Annapurna chooses films so risky that other studios would never even consider them. The studio has become well known as a production company for auteurs by differentiating itself as unfazed by the monetary problems that other independent studios face. Despite the prominent roster of directors that have taken Annapurna's backing, the business continues to face a variety of setbacks, predominately focused on cash flow. "These are good artsy movies that lose a ton of money", said an insider familiar with the company's balance sheets. Annapurna suffered a mass exodus of key executives throughout the year of 2018 including its two-year president, Mark Weinstock. Despite the financials and talent drain, Annapurna remains backed by Ellison's billionaire father, who not only funds the media company but has brought in the best financial advisors to advise Ellison. Former colleagues, including directors and Annapurna executives, say of Ellison, "She could never do better than her father in terms of making money – it doesn't matter if she makes or loses money on these movies".


In 2014, Ellison became the first woman and the fourth person to receive two Academy Award nominations for Best Picture in the same year, which she received for her work on Her and American Hustle. In June 2014, Ellison optioned the screen rights for the memoir A House in the Sky, which tells the story of Amanda Lindhout and her capture by Somali rebels in 2011.

Also in 2014, Ellison was included as part of The Advocate's annual "40 Under 40" list.


Ellison is the first female producer to earn two different Academy Awards nominations for Best Picture in the same year. In 2018, Ellison won the Woman in Motion Award at Cannes Music Festival.

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Currently, Megan Ellison is 37 years, 0 months and 2 days old. Megan Ellison will celebrate 38th birthday on a Wednesday 31st of January 2024.

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