Michael Clifford
Name: Michael Clifford
Occupation: Music Stars
Gender: Male
Birth Day: November 20, 1995
Age: 27
Country: Australia
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

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Michael Clifford

Michael Clifford was born on November 20, 1995 in Australia (27 years old). Michael Clifford is a Music Stars, zodiac sign: Scorpio. Nationality: Australia. Approx. Net Worth: $20 Million.

Net Worth 2020

$20 Million
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🎂 Upcoming Birthday

Currently, Michael Clifford is 27 years, 6 months and 16 days old. Michael Clifford will celebrate 28th birthday on a Monday 20th of November 2023.

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  1. Michael Clifford's nickname is Mickey;
  2. Michael Clifford's natural hair color is blonde;
  3. Michael Clifford hates his middle name, which is Gordon;
  4. Michael Clifford wouldn’t date himself if he was a girl.
  5. Michael Clifford would ask Chloe Moretz for a date if he could;
  6. Michael Clifford hates cooking and he never cooks anything for himself;
  7. Michael Clifford is very emotional and he sees nothing bad in crying men;
  8. Michael Clifford loves McDonalds so much that he says he wanted to date a girl that worked there once;
  9. How did fame change him?
    It didn’t. Michael remains essentially the same person he has always been before fame.
  10. What is his role in the band?
    Michael Clifford is a lead guitarist of the band and also probably the most noticeable guys in it.
  11. Is he popular on social media?
    Michael Clifford is a real craze on social media with his 8m of fans on Twitter and 5m of followers on Instagram.
  12. When did he meet his band mates?
    Michael Clifford met his band mates in college they all attended. They shared love to music and became friends almost immediately.
  13. What tattoos does he have?
    Michael Clifford's most symbolic tattoo is the phrase “To The Moon”. Michael Clifford also has two more tattoos and he doesn’t plan to stop making new ones.
  14. How many times did he dye his hair?
    Michael probably doesn’t know the answer to this question himself. Michael Clifford's hair was of almost all imaginable colors – from bright red to green to yellow to purple.
  15. What was he like as a child?
    Michael Clifford grew up with loving and supportive parents but his childhood wasn’t absolutely happy because the family went through financial troubles when he was about 12 years old and he says that then he realized how spoiled he was before.

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