Sarah Tiana
Name: Sarah Tiana
Occupation: Actor
Gender: Female
Birth Day: February 19, 2017
Age: 5
Birth Place:  Hayward, California, United States
Zodiac Sign: Pisces

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Sarah Tiana

Sarah Tiana was born on February 19, 2017 in  Hayward, California, United States (5 years old). Sarah Tiana is an Actor, zodiac sign: Pisces. Nationality: United States. Approx. Net Worth: Undisclosed.

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Prior to Trudy's brain damage, Dangle apparently had an affair with her while married to Deb in 1988. Despite her brain damage, he still engages Trudy romantically on occasion, most notably in Reno 911!: Miami, where Trudy asks Dangle to have sex with her out of pity; to which he tries but fails.

In Season 6 episode "VHS Transfer Memory Lane" it is revealed that Wiegel's behavior and mental defects are the result of a brain injury that occurred during an explosion at a drug raid in 1988. Wiegel was rendered unconscious by an explosion and was clinically dead for 14 minutes, causing severe brain damage. She was resuscitated by Dangle, who regrets saving her life. The doctor who treated her thereafter said he "should have let her go." Prior to the drug raid, she was a flirtatious sexpot.

Junior trains the police dogs for the department and is rarely seen without his trademark aviator sunglasses. He started wearing his Kevlar vest after he was shot and nearly blinded in a 1988 drug sting. Junior always wears his vest over his uniform shirt; he claimed that he forgets to put the vest under his shirt because he is always a little hung over in the morning. He wears his hair in a military "high and tight" haircut and is cross-eyed, which is why he usually wears sunglasses. Despite this, he claims to be the best shot in the department. Perhaps unsurprisingly, he is the only heterosexual male deputy in the Reno Sheriff's Department that Deputy Johnson hasn't slept with.


Junior has been reprimanded at least twice for his pornography addiction, and is somewhat in denial about his problem. He is revealed to be Deputy Kimball's cousin. In Episode 3x01 (in which the characters are shown in jail) a swastika tattoo is seen on his chest (similar to the tattoo worn by Edward Norton's character in American History X), but in the 2007 film, he is seen shirtless and the tattoo is absent. At the beginning of season 3, Junior worked at a carnival, something he claims is his "dream job".

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Currently, Sarah Tiana is 6 years, 1 months and 2 days old. Sarah Tiana will celebrate 7th birthday on a Monday 19th of February 2024.

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