Sayaka Akimoto
Name: Sayaka Akimoto
Occupation: Pop Singer
Gender: Female
Height: 166 cm (5' 6'')
Birth Day: July 26, 1988
Age: 32
Country: Japan
Zodiac Sign: Leo

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Sayaka Akimoto

Sayaka Akimoto was born on July 26, 1988 in Japan (32 years old). Sayaka Akimoto is a Pop Singer, zodiac sign: Leo. Nationality: Japan. Approx. Net Worth: Undisclosed.


She has been the captain of Team K and involved with the music group Diva.

Net Worth 2020

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Height Weight Hair Colour Eye Colour Blood Type Tattoo(s)
166 cm (5' 6'') N/A N/A N/A B N/A

Before Fame

She was born and raised in Chiba Prefecture and made her debut as a singer in 2006.



  1. Former member of AKB48's Team K (graduated August 28, 2013).


  • Bikuu The Movie | Gekijoban Bikuu - Bikuu (2015) - Bikuu
  • Galaxy Turnpike | Galaxy Kaido (2015) - Guard Manmo
  • Mango And The Red Wheelchair | Mango to Akai Kurumaisu (2015) - Ayaka Miyazono
  • Documentary of AKB48: The Time Has Come | Documentary of AKB48 Shojo tachi wa, Ima, Sono Senaka ni Nani wo Omou? (2014) - herself
  • Me & 23 Slaves | Doreiku: Boku to 23 nin no Dorei (2014) - Eia Arakawa
  • Mango And The Red Wheelchair | Mango to Akai Kurumaisu (2014) - Ayaka
  • Documentary of AKB48: No Flower Without Rain | Documentary of AKB48 No flower without rain Shojo tachi wa Namida no Ato ni Nani o Miru? (2013) - herself
  • Documentary of AKB48: Show Must Go On (2012) - herself
  • Ultraman Saga | Urutoraman Saga (2012) - Anna
  • Documentary of AKB48: To Be Continued (2011)
  • Super Gore Girl | Seishirayuri Kishidan (2009)
  • High Kick Girl! | Hai kikku Garu! (2009) - Rika
  • The Suicide Song | Densen-uta (2007)

Drama Series

  • Panda Judges the World | Shiro demo Kuro demo Nai Sekai de, Panda wa Warau (NTV / 2020) - Sanae Miyazawa (ep.3)
  • Winter, Grasping Love | Ubai Ai, Fuyu (TV Asahi / 2017) - Shuko Toyono
  • Good Morning Call (Fuji TV-Netflix / 2016) - Yukari
  • Nasty Piece of Work | Iyana Onna (NHK / 2016) - Miyuki Fujita
  • Sumika Sumire | Sumika Sumire 45-sai Wakagaetta Onna (TV Asahi / 2016) - Chiaki Yoshinogo
  • Fathers | Oyaji no Senaka (TBS / 2014) - Isho san (Ueda) (ep.10)
  • Detective Conan: Kudo Shinichi e no Chousenjou | Meitantei Conan: Kudo Shinichi e no Chousenjou (NTV / 2011) - Sonoko Suzuki
  • Majisuka Gakuen 2 (TV Tokyo / 2011) - Chokoku
  • Salaryman Kintaro 2 (TV Asahi / 2010)
  • Majisuka Gakuen (TV Tokyo / 2010) - Chokoku
  • Tadashii Ouji no Tsukurikata (TV Tokyo / 2008)

TV Movies

  • Detective Conan: Kudo Shinichi e no Chousenjou Kaicho Densetsu no Nazo (NTV / 2011) - Sonoko Suzuki

Biography Timeline


Akimoto began her career in AKB48 as one of the members of the second generation, the Original Team K. On the last day of the Budokan concert on August 23, 2009, during the first team shuffle, Akimoto was officially made captain of Team K. She resigned after a scandal in 2010 but after completing the Tokyo Marathon in 2011, she was reappointed the position. On August 24, 2012, in the Tokyo Dome~1830m no Yume~ concert, Yuko Oshima replaced her as the captain of Team K via team shuffle.


Akimoto was born to a Japanese father and a Filipino mother. In 2012, she ran the Tokyo Marathon for the second year in a row and donated the money to the Philippines. Her solo book of photographs is entitled Ari no Mama. On June 26, 2014, Akimoto was appointed as the Goodwill Philippine Tourism Ambassador in order to promote the Philippines as a tourist destination in Japan. She was also assigned as a narrator in the collaboration drama of PTV-4 and Nippon TV entitled "Halo Halo House-Jose's Nippon Diary"


On April 7, 2013, Akimoto announced on her official blog that she would not be participating in AKB48's 2013 general election, and would be graduating from AKB48 to focus on her acting. Her graduation ceremony was held on August 22 at the Tokyo Dome, and her final stage performance was held on August 28 at the AKB48 Theater, and has been streamed live by Nico Nico Namahousou.


In 2014, she reunited with her sub-unit group DIVA to release their final single "Discovery", an album, and a tour before disbandment.


Since leaving AKB48 she has starred in four movies. She has a recurring role as Bikuu in Garo which led to a solo movie spin off in 2015. She sang the theme song of the movie entitled "Sengetsu ~Hikari to Yami no Soba de~".


Akimoto was a co-host for Team Japan in the reality competition show Ultimate Beastmaster which was released on Netflix on February 24, 2017.

🎂 Upcoming Birthday

Currently, Sayaka Akimoto is 34 years, 2 months and 3 days old. Sayaka Akimoto will celebrate 35th birthday on a Wednesday 26th of July 2023.

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